Chatting Shizz’s Hidden Gem -The Blade Itself

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Chatting Shizz Podcast loves a good book, so when we read one no matter how old or new we want to let you all know about it! You may have heard James mention one briefly on episode 29 ‘Back To The Sober Session’. This book that we feel is worthy of a mention is ‘The Blade Itself’ released in 2006 by author Joe Abercrombie and it is the first book of the ‘First Law’trilogy.

Set in a world similar to ‘Game Of Thrones’, full of fighting, killing and plotting, this book is a real page turner. The story mainly follows three characters:

Logen Ninefingers – He’s a real double-hard bastard whose friends and family are dead; he’s incredibly low in luck but is NAILS in a fight!

Inquisitor Glokta – He used to be a legendary swordsman but after being captured at war, tortured then released, he winds up crippled! But guess what? Now he does the same to other people and serves as part of the Kings Inquisition.

Jezal dan Luthar- ┬áHe’s a Captain in the Army and spends his days training to win a fencing competition. The guy’s always been given everything he wants and, to be honest, he’s a bit of a cock.

The book doesn’t mess around and gets straight into the action which sets the pace for the rest of the story

James absolutely loved it and has now started reading the next installment of the trilogy ‘Before They Are Handged’ and he personally recommends it, which is good enough for the rest of us. If you decide to read it too then, as always, we are interested to hear what you have to say about it!


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