About The Podcast!

How it was created

After talking absolute sh*t one night about the most ridiculous topics they all laughed at how funny it would be to have recorded their nights conversation. The following week they decided to do exactly that! Forged from the ashes of those drunken nights in with their friends, Chatting Shizz has quickly gained a following from around the globe.


Initially Chatting Shizz had no intention of sharing their podcast with the world. After recording the first few episodes and sharing it with friends they were amazed at the great reactions. That’s when they realised they could be on to something. Chatting Shizz is now available to you on Itunes, Stitcher, Podbean & many other podcasting platforms.


With their no holds barred approach to topics, Chatting Shizz guarantees to have the most dynamic conversations. From full blown rants to the latest film reviews the lads have it covered!

Get involved.

Chatting Shizz is as much about the lads as it is their listeners, they pride themselves on being the most interactive podcast in the world and regularly do podcasts based on subjects their listeners have requested. If you’ve got something you want Chatting Shizz to discuss get in touch and don’t be surprised when it makes the show!

Meet Chatting Shizz…


Never shy of letting you know what he thinks and always with plenty to say guarantees to make James an entertaining listen.


Ruthlessly opinionated and he doesn’t care who knows it. Word is he knows more about films than IMDB!


The shows producer and host of game show ‘Chatting Quizz’, widely known for his alter ego P.H1ZZLE


The resident sports fanatic. Normally calm and collected when he’s sober but when recording that doesn’t last long.